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Open Play


Mark your calendars!!

 Upcoming Dates:
Mother's Day Weekend 
Open Play

Saturday, May 11th

Time: 10:30-12:30


price: 2 Hours

    1st guest    $22.50
       Siblings    $17.50

Spectators are Free

*Cash Snack Bar
*Accept credit card for
$6 and over

*If you are booking online, make sure you book reservation under child's name.  *You MUST make a reservation for EACH child.  

It is best to create a parent profile and add each child to your parent profile. Make sure you add relationship "pays for" for each child. If you have a family account make sure you link it to our mind and body site: Unique  Fitness.  If you need help creating a parent account with our Mind and Body app. Please call!

*If you do not see available openings or have any questions,  please call 


Upcoming Dates

*Days are subject to change.

Check back for Summer 
       days and times

Open Play is designed for kids up to age 11.  Children 3 and under MUST BE accompanied by a parent/guardian at ALL times on the course.

During Open Play parents may stay or drop off. Child must be at least age 4 to drop off.  Any child under the age of 4 parents are required to stay.

It is recommended to reserve your child's spot due to spaces being limited.  Our capacity for participants on The Ninja Zone Course is 25.  Unfortunately, once we reach capacity, we have to turn people away.

It is recommended that your child go barefooted or wear clean tennis shoes on the course.  Socks are not required,

If you have been to our facility before you or your child may already have a client profile in our system. Use your email as the user log in and then select "forgot password" to reset. Then you will have access to your profile and able to book.



We offer open play for School Field Trips, Home School Community, Team End-of Year Parties, Holiday Parties, or Family Events.

*Call TODAY to schedule your

Private Open Play!

*Prices will vary  *Call for quote


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