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       Looking for a challenging routine with a little one on one attention? Explore the possibilities of using a Certified Personal Trainer, that will keep your routines fresh and exciting. Unique Fitness' intense workouts provide results that keep you coming back. Unique's personal trainers  keep abreast of the latest innovations to give you the best workout available. They can evaluate where you're at now, and where you need to be. They will create a regime just for you that gets results fast. If you're looking to tone up, or loose some extra pounds, Unique Fitness trainers have a plan for you.


​     Small group personal training is a unique way for people to benefit from the quality of personal training but in a small group situation. Most people find that it's much easier to stay motivated if you train with other people and not just by yourself. Small group personal training offers a fun, motivating, and high energy atmosphere that gives you great partner relationships. ​


   Whether you're looking for a preseason athletic team building event or an in-season group event to energize your athletes and address specific teamwork issues, a day of challenging team activities can have a tremendous impact on the leadership and cohesiveness in your program. Probably more than from any area, athletic experiences and examples have served our culture as a warehouse for nostalgia and life-long lessons of effort, mental toughness, inter-dependence, and leadership. ​

Unique Fitness programs are unique because we provide men, women and children various training with motivation, accountability, direction and encouragement. Our hour-long training sessions include total body, strength and resistance exercises, core work, balance training and obstacle courses so you have fun, earn results and get in the best shape. We use a variety of different equipment to help you reach your goal. This equipment includes the TRX, vertimax, speed chains, sandbags, kettle bells, bell clubs, tires, ropes, lifting chains, heavy bags, speed bags and much more.


​      Our personal training sessions last about an hour and can be one on one or small group training. The first meeting is devoted to assessing your fitness level, body measurements, and weight.


      Pilates is a form of exercise which emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility, and awareness in order to support efficient, graceful movement.



       Vertimax is the leading power, speed and vertical jump training system that will quickly develop SUPERIOR ATHLETES at any level or sport!!

       The TRX Suspension Trainer is the original, best-in-class workout system that leverages gravity and your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises.


     While other programs are great for building strength, our brand of Unique Fitness Speed Chain Training will have you working harder, faster, and have you develop the fast twitch muscles that will increase your performance in any athletic activity that you choose to do.



      We train 3 current State Champions and this is an example of how it's done! Are you and your team doing what it takes to be a champion?


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